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Closed Listings Archive by Karr-Cunningham Storage

Browse our Archive of Closed Self Storage Listings

The big draw for Karr-Cunningham Storage is our record of closings.
Each year we grow by leaps and bounds bringing success to our clients and partners along the way.


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Closed Listings 2022

Our 2022 is off to a great start.
Check back often for closings.

Closed Listings 2021

We are recognized for our rapid turn around and the great number of closings each month.

Closed Listings 2020

Karr-Cunningham Storage proves the industry is resilient during the 2020 Covid Pandemic.

Closed Listings 2019

A big year for Karr-Cunningham Storage. Our team closed nearly 20 listings in 2019.

Closed Listings 2018

Our ninth year to display closed listings. Browse them below.

Closed Listings 2017

Karr-Cunningham Storages eighth year to display closed listings. View our work in 2017.

Closed Listings 2016

Another big year for the Karr-Cunningham Storage team with 14 closed listings. 

Closed Listings 2015

2015 was a big year for our team with nearly 14 closed listings this year. 

Closed Listings 2014

Our fifth year to display closed listings. In 2014, Karr-Cunningham Storage closed 8 listings. 

Closed Listings 2013

Our fourth year to display listings. View the work on Karr-Cunningham Storage in 2013.

Closed Listings 2012

Karr-Cunningham Storage grows by leaps and bounds adding 50% revenue in 2012.

Closed Listings 2011

Holding strong. Karr-Cunningham Storage quadrupled our business in 2011.

Closed Listings 2010

Our first year to display our closed listings. Browse them below.

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